Who We Are

Forest Star Homes  is a renowned real estate and property development firm said by many to be the fastest growing real estate and property company in Lagos, Nigeria.   we strive in speculating and move in as developers so that investors can thrive.

With core understanding of asset valuation, capital market and todays dynamic real estate market place, we offer our investors strategic and serene locations free from any form of encumbrance.Forest Star Homes is geared on providing peaceful, harmonious, secure and aerated environment of living in Lagos to our clientele, our main target audience – middle income group. With the over-congested and excessively polluted Lagos metropolis, we aspire to make life more simple, refreshing  and relaxed by carefully selecting the best of places free  from chaos and stress, providing every of our clientele a good and comfortable abode for comfort and a healthy living .

Our organisation is poised and dedicated to moving real estate business to another level. Our competitive advantage is derived from our track record of prompt and efficient service delivery coupled with integrity, excellence and professionalism in dealing with all our clientele.


To be a flagship provider of affordable Real Estate investment in Nigeria.


To be a leading industry provider of affordable landed properties and
homes in Nigeria